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Outdoor Living with Hyde Park Gourmet


While building an outdoor living space, we occupy our client’s backyards anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months. We work there, we come and go while our clients are going about their daily routines, we often take before, during and after photos of their property, for our marketing collateral. Sometimes we walk through their homes and use their facilities.

During that time we have to be pretty close to our clients, in their personal space, for an extended amount of time.

When we finish a project, we like to express our appreciation for their business, their time, their patience, their ideas and their collaboration. We definitely could not do what we do without all of that.

For a long time we struggled with what to get our clients. We tried gift cards, but we didn’t like sending our clients all over town to redeem them; we tried flowers, but it just didn’t feel right, so we happened upon Hyde Park Gourmet and decided to try wine gift baskets. Why did wine make sense? There are more than a couple reasons:

1. When we build an outdoor living space, it is to allow our clients to gain more enjoyment and relaxation from their home exterior. The backyard is a place to retreat, to invite friends, to unwind. A bottle of wine is an excellent “pairing” with an outdoor living space.
2. When someone invests in a backyard redesign, they are making their home a place they want to be MORE, this means they use their outdoor living space as an alternative to going to dinner or out for drinks with friends or family. We of course standby responsible drinking, which is much more feasible when you can enjoy a bottle of wine in your own backyard.
3. After giving the wine gift basket from Hyde Park Gourmet a couple times, we noticed the time and detail the staff puts into each basket, and so did our clients. We’ve received more “thank you” messages about our wine gift baskets than any other gift we have given. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, which keeps us ordering from Hyde Park Gourmet.

As we say goodbye, we want to leave something that will get our clients thinking about enjoying their new outdoor living space. Hyde Park Gourmet gift baskets helps up do just that.

David & Beth Underhill

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